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Boss Capital Broker

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While it can be difficult to trust on a recently launched broker, Boss Capital is different. Launched in the year 2014, it is not only well-funded and well-organized, the team behind Boss Capital is the same that has provided TradeRush and Redwood Options to the market. Its headquarter is located at Gibraltar in London and they accept customers from almost all parts of the world, except from Japan. Moreover, they also recently stopped catering to the American audience.


Trading Platform

Boss Capital uses TechFinancials trading platform which is used by many of the leading brokers. As the platform is 100% web-based, there is no need to download any kind of software or get into any difficult setup to make the platform work. You can easily use your browser to access their platform, register on their website deposit money in your account and simply start trading within a few minutes. Moreover, their trading platform is also available in an application format which can be used on smartphones. The application has most of the features of its online counterpart. Even though the application is only available for Android mobile users, iOS users can use the browser of their mobile to use the original Boss Capital online platform as it is optimized for mobile as well.

They have more than 180 trading assets and most of the popular trading instruments, like One Touch, High/Low, No Touch, and High Yield Touch are available. They also have a charts feature which allows you to easily perform your own analysis and place your trades accordingly. You are also provided with many different types of analytical tools to improve the accuracy of your trades.

Payouts and Trading Account Types

Payouts from Boss Capital can reach up to 85% and even up to 360% on some types of high yielding options. Even though there are other brokers who offer a higher payout, Boss Capital offers some amazing educational resources which allows you to learn and place better trades to improve your chances of making profitable trades.

Boss Capital offers different types of account packages. These packages differ in the amount of bonuses and services they offer.

  • Bronze Account- You need to make an initial deposit of $200 and above to open a Bronze Account. You will be provided with a bonus of 20% on your initial deposit, access to their webinars and a personal account manager.
  • Silver Account- You need to make an initial deposit of $1000 and above to open a Silver Account. You will be provided with a bonus of 40% on your initial deposit, access to their webinars, quick withdrawals, 2 risk-free trades and a personal account manager.
  • Gold Account- You need to make an initial deposit of $4000 and above to open a Gold Account. You will be provided with a bonus of 65% on your initial deposit, access to their webinars, same-day withdrawals, 5 risk-free trades, a personal account manager and a fixed payout of up to 80%. Moreover, you will also have access to their customer service 24 x 7.
  • VIP Account- You need to make an initial deposit of $5000 and above to open a VIP account. The perks of a VIP account can be known by contacting the corporate division of Boss Capital.


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While the trading platform and bonuses offered by Boss Capital is offered by many other brokers as well, it’s the customer service and education that they provide, which is responsible for its substantial growth in such a short span of time. If making profitable trades is what you are looking for, then Boss Capital can be an excellent choice.


In-depth review of CTOption

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Trading in binary options is pretty simple and efficient, and in most cases it is highly profitable, and that is probably the main reason why this method of online trading is so popular and survives for so long. People usually get bored easily by content on the internet and they quickly “move on”, but binary options have been present for couple of years now and it seems that they are here to stay.

New broker houses are constantly appearing and they are also responsible for keeping this type of trading exciting and interesting for people from all over the world. One of those relatively new brokers is a company which is rapidly growing in popularity and clients are satisfied with the services it provides. The name of the company is of course CTOption and our article will hopefully serve as a CTOption review, which will help customers to see this broker in a better light and will also enable them to realize how good this company actually is. ct-option-broker

When it comes to the history of this broker house – it starts in 2013, when a London-based corporation, InfiniCare LTD, founded this enterprise and registered it in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This marked the beginning of a very successful project, and almost from the first day CTOption attracted traders from all over the world. People were amazed by the services that this broker was offering for extremely affordable prices, and that was also a very important element in the exponential growth of this company. Another highly relevant factor was the fact that CTOption was, and still is, available to traders from the United States and they have access to this website. This fact is important because most other big brokers are prevented from accepting traders from American territory, due to conflicting regulations and laws between US and European Union and some renowned regulatory bodies, like Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, better known as CySEC. However, since CTOption is still a young broker, the process of licensing is not yet completed, co the company is still free to do business with customers from any region of the world.

CTOption Review

Other important features and attributes that make this broker one of the best in the market include its super-efficient and intuitive platform, which is provided by a well-known company called Panda Trading Systems (this software developer has a lot of experience because they provide programs and software solutions since 2006), and revolutionary addition to the website which is called “Replicator”. This new feature is an idea which could bring trading with binary options closer to social networks, which are the most popular places on the internet nowadays, since it allows traders to “follow” other successful traders and to potentially “copy” their investments and activities on the trading website.

Basics of the trading process with CTOption are not covered in this CTOption review, but most customers who have ever had any contact with binary options will easily find their way around this website. And, if the clients are completely inexperienced and make the first steps into the market – there is a great education center which will surely provide them with all of the necessary information.


Safe trading with CTOption

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CTOption belongs to the group of younger brokers that offer trading in binary options, and this company is experiencing huge rise in popularity and significant increase in the number of registered accounts. Although it is present on the market for only couple of years now, this broker house has attracted traders from all over the world and they all have positive recommendations about this enterprise. There are several reasons that can be considered responsible for this fact, but they can all be summed in one general fact, and that is – CTOption is a high quality broker and traders always recognize this.


However, the global market of trading with binary options is not so safe, and there are lots of dangerous elements and organizations that can have malicious intent and try to steal personal information or money from clients who are involved in financial transactions over the internet. People should always be careful, and binary options are particularly vulnerable area, so all safety measures and precautions should be taken so that trading can be profitable and enjoyable experience and not something which will cause stress and unwanted loss of finances. The fact that scam brokers are present all over the market and that they can sometimes be hard to recognize, is detrimental to other brokers who operate in a safe and honest manner, and this is a case with CTOption as well.

The fact that some people could even imagine a CTOption scam is enough motivation for people behind this project to try their best to prove to potential customers that this broker is not operating in this manner and that trading with CTOption is perfectly safe and protected. All safety protocols are followed and all security procedures are incorporated into daily activities of this broker house so people should have no fears about the safety of their personal information or investments. Modern platform provided by Panda TS is equipped with all necessary technological and software solutions, so we can clearly see that CTOption scam is not present in any form. ctoption-homepage

Admittedly, CTOption is currently not regulated by any of the well-known regulatory bodies which govern trading in binary options, such is CySEC for example, and people consider this fact as potential hint about some form of CTOption scam, but experienced traders know that process of attaining one of those licenses can take up to 3-4 yours and that this broker house was only established in late 2013. This is a perfectly reasonable and honest explanation, and people who run this broker expect that the process will be finished very soon and they will have the official stamp from on of those agencies. Until that is completed, traders will have to believe thousands of other satisfied customers who were participating in trading with binary options through this website and had no problems or complaints. Also, if there are complaints or questions of any kind, CTOption has one of the best customer support services and they will surely provide answers and solutions to any problem in the most efficient manner.



Trading binary options in short time frames

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Trading binary options in short time frames can bring very high profits if it is performed smartly and if the right strategy is applied. It usually involves trading in time frames of 30, 60 and 120 seconds. Unfortunately, most strategies are not applicable short time frames. Therefore, we will provide you with some guidelines on making a profit from short term binary trades.


Binary options with short time frames are offered on many trading platforms, like 24Option for instance. Generally, the most challenging part of this type of trading is the unpredictable movement of the market, which can change direction quickly, unequally and without a pattern. Most of the known strategies are based on slower movements, so by using them you may fail to react promptly to this fast-paced market environment. However, there are several ways to make a strategy which is applicable to short time frames:

  1. Leading indicators

Leading indicators, like oscillators, can predict the movements on the market before they happen. These indicators’ goal is to find weakening movements within the market and show when the market is likely to change direction. When you trade binary options on short time frames, when the market moves are unpredictable, more obvious the market changes direction more often than on longer time frames, the best thing to use in order to predict the market movements are leading indicators. There are also lagging indicators, which show the market movements that have already happened. They are ideal for detecting trends on more slowly-moving markets. However, when trading in short time frames, the market changes are so common and quick that lagging indicators are not a good choice, because they are too slow to react in these conditions. If you have by far been using a strategy based on lagging indicators, then you should stick to trading on longer time frames. If you want to start trading binary options in short time frames, you have to change your strategy. business-ideas-305

  1. Candlestick formations

In the fast-paced market movements in short-term trading, candlesticks are also an ideal tool to predict the market’s behavior. Simple candlestick formations are not only easy to understand, but they can create many profitable trades. These formations contain few candlesticks instead of the whole bunch, or they can even contain only one candlestick. They can form in even the most unpredictable market situation. Since they have only one or few candlesticks, they can only predict the nearest future of the market. Even though, because of this, simple candlestick formations are not suitable for long-term trades, they are still a great tool for the short-term ones. binary-options-trading-broker

  1. Short expiration time

Short expiration time is the essence of short-term trading. Due to the unpredictable market within the short time frames, your predictions may be accurate are only for a very short time. Therefore, if you use a short expiration time for binary options, you can be certain that your binary option will expire within the movement you have previously predicted.

Everything about wrap accounts

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For the beginning of this account let us go through the term wrap account. Wrap account is an account in which you give a partial authorisation to broker or advisor to manage that account and perform trades. The term wrap means that all fees are wraped in a single fee which is decided at the beginning of the contract and can’t be changed. This single flat fee is used to prevent brokers doing larger number  of non-profitable trades to profit from commisions from those trades.

The introduction of wrap terminology and increased demand for wrap accounting changed the world of trading. Before wrap accounting forex market had problems similar to binary brokers like Boss Capital, whose advisors plague and steal even in this day and age.  Many brokers couldn’t adapt to this form of advisory business and went out of market. Well in fact many of them used their advisor/broker position to make large number of trades that had no profit, but didn’t generate large losses in order to reap the commision fees from those trades. Wrap accounting prevented that with singular flat fee. Trader profited from this, because advisors had to work transparently and effectively in order to earn their pay.

In this case those advisors are paid for advice rather the number of trades done. They are still given money to trade, money which is more known as managed money, but it is in their interest to earn something with that money.

The actual way advisor is earning money is from a certain percetage from your overall account strength. If he earns 1 percent, then if your account balance sits at 50 000 dollars, then his fee at the end of the month will be 500 dollars. As you can see it is in his best interest to give sound advice and to perform as best as he can. If he slacks in his work his payment will be low, and if he performs well then as your balance increases so does his eventual payment. This prevents so called churning, an action advisor would take to earn more, which is disabled with introduction of wrap accounting. finance (2)

If you are confident in your own trading ability then you should not create wrap account, but go with normal account and avoid giving percetage to a broker/advisor. Then again having some professional help is never really bad, considering that help is helping you to help himself.

There are few types of accounts that incorporate wrap accounting into them, and explaining everything about each of them requires more space than I have available in this article. All I can say right now is that they are separated in two groups of accounts, one of which is traditionally managed which is also called separate account program. This means that a trader can acquire the service of advisor, but that advisor will work for that trader on separate account, while main account of the trader is only available to the trader. That is just one type of account, there are more. One of those other accounts makes use of multipel advisors that work on the same account.

Banc De Binary Trading

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There are two things you think of when you hear options in same sentence with trading. One is stock market, other is binary options brokers ( dont even think about visiting these binary options, they are still plagued by regulated brokers like Banc De binary, who still cheat people ). But this article will avoid both of those subjects and forcus on forex options. Many have not heard about this type of forex trading and due to that fact I want to shed some light on that subject.

Now ,there are two types of options trading on forex, traditional trading and SPOT trading, and more about them will be written in this article. Banc-De-Binary-Broker-Demo1

Traditional forex options trading involves simple call/put orders. This means that buyer has a right, but he is not obliged, to buy desired number of lots of certain currency pair at set time and price. When a buyer does that, he awaits price movement. If price goes bellow the set price he loses the premium he invested. But if price goes up then he can buy those lots for the price that was set, and then sell it for the difference between the price he bought those slots for and the price the currency pair went to.

Two ways of traditional options trading exists. There is American style of options trading in which the buyer can decide to buy those lots at an given moment before the set time. Then there is European style where buyer can only buy those lots at the exact time which was set at the beginning.

SPOT  ( Singel Payment Options Trading ) is different from traditional options and I will tell you how and why. In order to earn through SPOT type  you have to predict where currency price will be at some point in future. Buyer chooses a scenario and buys lots for it, if that scenario unfolds he will receive payment. This type of options trading is prefferd by many traders because it is easier to work with.  Spot offers many different scenarios and that is one of the advantages it has over traditional options trading. But premiums are bigger in this type of trading and traditional trading has more flexibility due to american style of traditional options. BancDeBinaryInterface

There are few reasons I will list here, which tell you why this type of trading is better than usual forex trading.

First, your loss is limited. You cant lose more than your premium, and there is no limit on how much you can earn. Well, more lots you buy means biger the premium, but those lots give you bigger chance of victory so it evens itself.

Less money is paid upfront, then for example spot on forex trading.

You can use these options, especially SPOT to hedge yourself, if you are not certain that your spot on trade will generate profit.

There are few other benefits forex options trading has, but it also has some downsides too.

One of them is the size of premium. It is not set number, and it varies. SPOT options cant be sold when they are bought and so on. As you can see there are reasons, beyond few I mentioned, that make options inferior to normal curency pairs trading.

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